Colonialism, June 8, 2023

Listen to our Talk with Wangari Grace and Sven Kacirek, June 8, 2023, 8pm, Kiel, Hansa 48; recording by Christian Werner Sierra.

Colonialism – A Musical Oral History Performance by and with Wangari Grace and Sven Kacirek, June 8, 2023


Kenyan storyteller Wangari Grace and German musician and producer Sven Kacirek began developing their performance because of their common experience that school education on colonialism was profoundly lacking, both in Germany and other European countries, but also in Kenya and other African countries. Often a story of distant political events and ‘great’ men, Grace and Kacirek wanted to present the experience and suffering of ordinary people from a distinctively African perspective, thereby highlighting the exploitative practices of Europeans in relation to local populations.

Wangari and Sven will perform extracts from their program before we will sit down and talk about the production and the reasoning behind the show as well as wider issues connected to colonialism.

For an introduction to the performance:

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