Aynur Özuğurlu, May 22, 2024

Talk with Aynur Özuğurlu, May 22, 2024, 8pm, Kiel, Hansa 48

The Struggle for Solidarity: Perspectives on Academic Freedom and Social Policy


Die Arbeitsgruppe Culturitical der Kultur- und Medienwissenschaften des Englischen Seminars der CAU Kiel im Gespräch mit der türkischen Wissenschaftlerin Aynur Özuğurlu über Einschränkungen der Wissenschaftsfreiheit, in der Türkei und anderswo, sowie ihre Forschungen zu Feminismus, Klasse und Kapital.

“Professor Aynur Özuğurlu is a Turkish academic whose research focuses on neoliberal feminism, anti-genderism, and the intersections of class and capitalism within feminism and social policy. Following her departure from Turkey amidst restrictions on academic freedom post-2016, she co-founded the Kocaeli Academy of Solidarity, advocating for an inclusive and cooperative approach to education and research. Currently serving as a visiting scholar at the University in Tromsø, Norway, Professor Özuğurlu continues her research. Join us at Hansa48 for a discussion about her fields of research and her activism concerning academic freedom.”